Mr. Philip Schonebaum


P.O. Box 1000

201 S. Birch

Presho, SD 57568

Phone:  605.895.2579

FAX:  605.895.2216


I am privileged to be able to welcome you to the Lyman School District. The Lyman School District is focused on becoming the best school district in South Dakota. We are going to do that by creating student/adult partnerships that expand through the classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, and community events. We believe that all students can and want to learn. Our School District is focused on making the Lyman School the best learning environment possible. I believe our jobs as educators are determined by some key philosophies.

1) School is for Kids

2) Our job as district employees is to create learning environments that better prepare our students for life.

3) We are a family, we must do everything to protect and enhance each others abilities.

4) Relationships are the key to enhancing our learning.

5) All graduates of our district will be prepared in all life

6) All students are gifted in their own ways, we must create learning experiences that utilize all of the different students learning styles and gifts.

The journey for our students will be fun and filled with experiences that make them better. The Lyman district motto is "Dedicated to Excellence." We will ensure we will hold that in our hearts as we educate the youth of all of the Lyman Communities.