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October 1

CollegeBoard Opportunity

October 22

South Dakota Farmers Union

October 25

Horatio Alger SD

October 31

Big Ideas SD

November 15

Elks Most Valuable Student

November 30

CapCut Meme Master Scholarship

December 1

Hagen Scholarship Foundation

December 1

South Dakota State University Scholarships

December 1

University of South Dakota Scholarships

December 10

Black Hills Stock Show Foundation

December 15

Burger King Foundation Scholarship

December 31

South Dakota Association PHCC

December 31

FIRE Free Speech Essay Contest

January 6

GE-Reagan Foundation

January 14

South Dakota JCI Senate Foundation

January 14

John F Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay

January 15

SD Engineering Society

January 28


January 31

DAR Scholarships

February 1

Dakota Corps

February 5

Modern Woodmen Scholarship

February 10

West Central/Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship

February 15

West River Lyman/Jones Water

February 15

Gordon Horgen

February 15

Ramia Boersma

February 15

Loxy Burckhard Love is Kind Memorial Scholarship

February 24

FFA Scholarships

February 25

Foundation for Rural Services

February 28

Indian Health Service

February 29

Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics

March 1

Buche Foods Underdog Scholarship

March 7

First Dakota Bank

March 15

Golden West Telecommunications

March 15

Coach Russ Morrell Memorial Scholarship

March 15

Horatio Alger Denny Sanford

March 15

Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation

March 15

South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation

March 29

Tim Gjoraas Science and Education Scholarship

March 31

South Dakota Society for Technology in Education

March 31

Build Dakota Scholarship

March 31


March 31

First District Development Company

March 31

Bartholow Brothers

March 31

Bellator Titans

March 31

Oahe Racers Scholarship

April 1

Hubert & JoAnn Seymour Scholarship

April 1

Prime Cattlewomen

April 1

Freshman Impact

April 1

Inez Taylor Walter

April 1

Scavengers Journey

April 1

Robert L. Scott

April 1

Myles and Norma Johnson Scholarship

April 3

Lyman County/Jones County Farm Bureau

April 7

Dakota Prairie Bank

April 8

South Dakota Engineering Society

April 8

Sanford Health

April 9

Reliance Community Development Association

April 10

Curtis Marvin Hohn

April 14

Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Memorial

April 15

Dr. Dale Gibson Oral Health Scholarship

April 15

Esther Edie Scholarship

April 15

Street Masters Scholarship

April 15

"Serving Others" Scholarship

April 15

Kids Chance of South Dakota

April 15

Susan & Marina Taylor Memorial

April 15

Judge F.E. Mullen

April 15

Bud & Jo Ohlson

April 15

Orrion Barger Memorial

April 15

Lee Schoenhard Memorial

April 15

Mary Wagaman

April 15

Don & Ruth Floyd

April 15

Tami Schmidt

April 15

Garnos Ranch

April 15

Dr. Henry C. Mueller

April 15

Statewide Ag

April 15

Lyman County/Kennebec Community Student Scholarship

April 15

South Dakota Grand Commandery Knights Templar

April 18

South Dakota Retailers

April 24

Pierre/Ft. Pierre Waterfowl Delta

April 30

Stanley Moore Scholarship

May 1

Lyman Alumni Scholarship

May 1

Lyman Education Association

May 10

Ryan Yebba Mental Health Scholarship

June 15

South Dakota Telecommunications Association

July 20

Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship

September 1

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

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If you would like to extend your scholarship search beyond what is listed, check out the following websites:

South Dakota Opportunity 

Each of the six Regental institutions have established specific merit-based scholarship programs. Each program has a set of criteria which are unique to the institutions, and the funds are awarded to accompany additional merit based funding a student might be awarded through state or discipline specific awards. Check the university's websites for more information.