2022-2023 Staff Recognition

Kylie M. Schindler

2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

"Kylie is an amazing teacher who is full of passion for teaching, along with compassion for each and everyone of her students. She is always willing to do what is best for her students and is a lifelong learner."

Diane Hamer

2022-2023 Staff Member of the Year

"Diane goes above and beyond... She'll teach herself lessons each night so that she is prepared to help the students in the classroom be successful, even helping with questions and assignments after hours."

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Brittany Reuman

2022-2023 Staff Member of the Year

"Brittany has a gift. She is the "light" of our building and has truly touched so many people's hearts. She is kind, fun, energetic, and the kids and staff love her."